Q1: Can I still use External Tuner after installing PTRX-7300?
A1: Yes, absolutely. We have tested and verified external tuner operation. Please refer to Figure 3 at the link: https://www.radioanalog.com/ptrx-7300/ , you can see external tuner cable is plugged into PTRX-7300.

Q2: What is the difference between PTRX-7300 and lower cost simple antenna signal splitting/switching/routing cables/pcbs on the market ?
A2: There is a lot of differences between these two approaches so that we devoted many lines in PTRX-7300 tab in our website. Please refer https://www.radioanalog.com/ptrx-7300/ and especially look at Comparison Table in the same page. If you are not good at radio theory and still not clear about advantages of PTRX-7300, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your questions.

Q3: How can I install PTRX-7300 into ICOM IC-7300?
A3: It is extremely simple to install, please refer this link: PTRX-7300 Installation Guide

Q4: Which type of SDR products can I use with PTRX-7300?
A4: You can use any type of SDR which is capable of receiving HF band.

Q5: What is the return policy of the PTRX-7300?
A5: All units will be tested and verified before shipment. In case of any defect you can return the unit within 30 days after its arrival. Customer will be responsible for shipping costs of the return.

Q6: Does this unit has any warranty?
A6: Yes, PTRX-7300 has 1 year limited warranty.